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If you have a product idea, or a product in need of updating then please get in touch.

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We are always happy to discuss potential projects, from design to manufacture, electronics to graphics.



Ultrasound Technologies Ltd. has been designing quality Medical Ultrasound equipment since its establishment in 1992 and our design team have more than 30 years experience in this industry. These designers are responsible for all of Ultrasound Technologies own products, which are well established in 90 countries worldwide.  

From Concept...

The concept is the idea that holds a design together.

The concept is the combination of form, function and feel that defines the product.

We take your idea and with the help of consultation and research, build a concept around the specification. This allows us to find a solution that meets all the needs of both client and end user, while allowing freedom and space for innovation.

...to Manufacture

As a manufacturer of medical electronic products we understand the importance of an efficient design. That means efficiency from the assembly time, to the parts supply chain and the maintenance of documentation. Only when every part of the design works together can you get a great product.