Fetatrack®310 Basic

- 3 Universal Input Sockets
- External UA Transducer Included
- Single or Twins monitoring

Fetatrack®310 Elite

- 6 Universal Input Sockets
- External UA Transducer Included
- Single, Twins or Triplets monitoring
- Graphical Trace View



All fetatrack® products are supplied with a standard 3 year warranty, lowering the cost of ownership.

With over 25 years of supplying fetal monitors you can be assured that any problem your fetatrack®310 unit will encounter over its lifetime will be fixed quickly and reliably.



Monitoring: Antenatal

310 Brochure

Fetatrack®310 Cardiotocograph

The fetatrack®310 offers continuous fetal monitoring in the antenatal clinic or labour wards.

The fetatrack®310 has all the necessary facilities for accurate antenatal fetal assessment in one cost effective and compact unit.

Simple to operate, the fetatrack®310 is designed with controls that are easy to learn and understand, the display is a large colour graphic LCD, LED back lit for low light environments. The display allows the user to choose between numeric and graphical fetal heart rate data.*

Fully integrated digital transducers allow you to choose the mode of operation you require, from single fetus to twins or even triplets. Standard on the fetatrack®310 is the external toco transducer and hand held event marker, providing a means of patient indicated fetal movement.

Contoured transducers are less obtrusive and greatly aid patient comfort during extended monitoring sessions and are designed to aid correct placement.

High resolution multipoint digital autocorrelation provides accurate and reliable FHR traces. Operators can be assured that they are getting the best, most reliable signals and a distinctive alert warns when heart rate is out of range.

There is no loss of data when the paper runs out, as the unit will store the traces until a new pack is installed. The user is alerted with an audible and visual signal.

- Simple to Operate
- On Screen Trace View*
- Lightweight and Portable
- Comfortable, contoured transducers
- LED Backlit, Colour Graphic Display
- Single, Twins or Triplet Ultrasound
- Adaptable, Colour Coded Display
- High Resolution Chart Recorder
- Universal transducer connections
*Graphical Trace View only available on fetatrack®310 Elite